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Shoebox Accounting

If you're still calculating your bills by hand, keeping handwritten ledger cards, writing paper receipts, and wondering why you don't have any time to do anything else LOOK NO FURTHER. MAGGEY Software by CMSC. Ltd.was written for.centers of all sizes.

You will benefit from MAGGEY'S. Easy to Use "Start Up Wizard" to help guide you. MAGGEY by CMSC, Ltd. will not put a dent in your wallet. Starting at $99.00 or the LE version.

Have lots of different rates? MAGGEY has 7 different rate structures.

Do you bill Weekly, Bi-Monthly, Semi Monthly, or Monthly? MAGGEY can do that too!

You don't need to be a computer guru to use MAGGEY. We made MAGGEY so easy that in just a short time you can be up and running and have the extra time you've been looking for.

MAGGEY Child Care Management Software

MAGGEY Deluxe Software Starting at $99.00

Up and Running in approximately 10 Minutes.
Start billing your clients TODAY!

Important MAGGEY Software Features

Complete Client and Child Information including Alternate Pick up Information and Non Custodial Parent Information. PLUS....

7 Billing structures – Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Bi Weekly,Semi Monthly, Monthly, and an Hourly and Daily Combo called Progressive. Not all centers bill their clients the same way. With MAGGEY Deluxe you have the option of using the billing structures that meet the way you do business.

Easy Client Billing - Billing your client will take minutes instead of hours or days! With other programs you may spend hours calculating your client billing and tuitions. MAGGEY Deluxe is fast and efficient.

Client Ledgers - All of the important information you need about Payments and Billings are here. Post Late Fees automatically. Fast access to ledger information. No more looking through piles of ledger cards to find the billing and payment history for your clients.

Financial Reports - Do you really know what the financial status of your business is? Billing Reports and Financial Summaries will help you keep track of this. By using income reports and our financial summary reports you'll know where you are making money.

Deposit Reports - Track your money by catagory by using MAGGEY'S Account codes. You can track what payments were for like tuition, field trips, registration fees, etc.

Year End Statements - Every year parents will request a Payment Statement to reflect their child care charges for the year. With MAGGEY Deluxe there's no need to waste time adding up receipts or fumbling around with numerous receipt books. At the end of the year print a Payment Statement for your parents to use.

Client Payment Receipts - Enter a payment; add a note to the receipt if you want and click ok. At the end of the year the final receipt for payment will show the Year to Date payments made by the parents.

Enrollment Reports - Your enrollment is the heart of your business. Track enrollment by Program or by Classroom. It's vital information that you need to know.

Child and Staff Scheduling - If you charge by contracted time MAGGEY'S Child Scheduling can help. You can choose to bill for time scheduled or by actual time used. You can also bill for time used outside the child's schedule.

Staff schedules can also be printed so you know when teachers are scheduled to work.

Child and Sponsor Photos – Do you recognize who's picking up the little Johnny? NO EXTRA SOFTWARE NEEDED . If you have a digital camera it came with software. Now just save the file in your MAGGEY Deluxe folder and associate with a Child, Parent, or Sponsor.

Credit Card Processing - Most people no longer carry check books or cash today. What happens when you try to collect a payment and they only have a credit or debit card? YOU LOSE MONEY! MAGGEY Deluxe is integrated with X-Charge Credit Card Processing Services. We can help you apply for a merchant account so you can use this service. For more information about X-Charge Click Here


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I am a relatively new business owner, having just purchased my child care center in 2009. I am IT challenged so naturally the thought of learning a whole new computer program was daunting. Due to the ease of layout and the logical flows of the software, Maggey did not take long to learn. Within days, I was comfortable navigating the software and making additions and edits to entries, etc. I now cannot imagine a more relevant, easy to use child care program than Maggey. Regards, Jessica Drage, Tender Years, Clearfield, Utah

MAGGEY saved me tons of time and money. It has paid for itself repeatedly. MAGGEY is user friendly and so easy to use, too! Judy Goldberg, Cherubs CDC, Marshfield, Ma.

I have used the MAGGEY software program since 1986. At one time, I tried another well-known program, but we found MAGGEY to be much more user friendly. MAGGEY meets our program needs as far as billing, client tracking, classroom information, and the CACFP program. Their technical support is very helpful (even to those with limited computer skills) and I have found that both Tom and Gale go out of their way to provide service and problem solving. Mary Sue Watson, Owner Children's Campus, Children's Campus Too, Premier Children's Center. Phoenix, Az.

MAGGEY is the easiest, best, most convenient program to use.  I have used both the Window's version and the DOS version... (Long time customer!) and the ease with which information is entered is not what you would expect.  With most software programs you expect to spend hours, days entering information, you don't with MAGGEY.  And the Tech support is awesome !  Tom and Gale are the best! Ronda Charping, Vestavia Hills City Schools, Vestavia Hills, Al.


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